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Hobby Programs

Catalog of my hobby projects.

dk.schoubo.accounting Bookkeeping with mathematical twist
dk.schoubo.architecture Routines for 2D plans
dk.schoubo.astrometry.constants Various astronomical constants
dk.schoubo.astrometry.elp200082 Calculation of lunar positions according to ELP 2000-82B (Chapront-Touze+, 1988)
dk.schoubo.astrometry.minorplanets Calculation of minor planet positions according to The Asteroid Orbital Elements Database at Lowell Observatory
dk.schoubo.astrometry.names Named star catalog
dk.schoubo.astrometry.pluto Calculation of positions of Pluto according to VI/88 Ephemerides of Pluto (PLUTO95) (Chapront+ 1995)
dk.schoubo.astrometry.sao Calculation of star positions according to Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Star Catalog J2000 (SAO Staff 1966; USNO, ADC 1990) at Strasbourg-I-131A
dk.schoubo.astrometry.usnosa Reader for US Naval Observatory (Flagstaff Station) Standard Astrometry plate data
dk.schoubo.astrometry.vsop Calculation of planetary positions according to VI/81 Planetary Solutions VSOP87 (Bretagnon+, 1988)
dk.schoubo.astronomy.meeus Implementation of routines from Jean Meeus: Astronomical Algorithms, ISBN 0-943396-35-2
dk.schoubo.attractors Chaotic Attractor collection
dk.schoubo.audio Generate pure sounds in WAV files
dk.schoubo.chameleons Simulate Chameleon colony for logic puzzle
dk.schoubo.communication Morse code, Signal flags, Phonetic Alphabet
dk.schoubo.comport Com port communication and interpreter for Digitizers
dk.schoubo.crosswords Find anagrams
dk.schoubo.cryptography Various cryptographic routines: Vigenere, Enigma, Trigraphs, Beale Cypher
dk.schoubo.datagen Construct Test Data Sets
dk.schoubo.dato Various Date manipulation routines
dk.schoubo.edifact EDIFACT implementation
dk.schoubo.electronics Various electronic calculations
dk.schoubo.filateli Print mounting pages
dk.schoubo.filemanipulation Various file manipulation routines
dk.schoubo.forrester Implementation of Forresters World Model, translated from Peter Naur's GIER Algol implementation
dk.schoubo.futcad Model train CAD system
dk.schoubo.games.cards Display of gambling cards
dk.schoubo.games.cards.ørkenvandringen Implementation of my fathers favourite solitary card game
dk.schoubo.games.roulette Implementation of Roulette simulator
dk.schoubo.geography Routines for converting geographic coordinates in UTM, System 34 and Longitude/Latitude
dk.schoubo.geometry Plane geometry including Graham Scan and Isocurve construction
dk.schoubo.gier3d 3d geometry
dk.schoubo.gks Graphic Kernel System implementation
dk.schoubo.graph Various Graph routines
dk.schoubo.graphics Cropping application
dk.schoubo.gui Basic graphics routines
dk.schoubo.hpgl HP/GL intepreter
dk.schoubo.inventory Inventory models
dk.schoubo.jjsyntaxdiagram JavaCC syntax presented as graphic diagrams
dk.schoubo.junit Utilities to supplement JUnit, including graphic file comparison
dk.schoubo.kepler Solve Keplers equation
dk.schoubo.layout Prototype graphic routine for CAD use
dk.schoubo.linearprogramming Solve linear programming optimizations
dk.schoubo.linguistic Text corpus statistics
dk.schoubo.madamblue Java class file decompiler
dk.schoubo.math Various mathematical routines
dk.schoubo.misc Various miscellaneous assortment of mixed routines
dk.schoubo.movies Generate index of movies based on IMDB
dk.schoubo.mp3 Correct ID3 tags
dk.schoubo.office Interface to OpenOffice files
dk.schoubo.openvms Various OpenVMS interface routines
dk.schoubo.openvmsbackup Extract files from OpenVMS Backup files
dk.schoubo.openvmsbookreader Extract text from OpenVMS Bookreader files
dk.schoubo.pas2java JavaCC-based system to convert Pascal sources to Java
dk.schoubo.patersonworm Generate Paterson Worm diagrams
dk.schoubo.pdf Extract text from PDF files
dk.schoubo.physics Various routines based on physics
dk.schoubo.records CD catalog processor
dk.schoubo.scanner Scanner frontend
dk.schoubo.simscript SIMSCRIPT implementation
dk.schoubo.softfact.eclipse Eclipse environment interface
dk.schoubo.solver.antcolony Antcolony generic algorithm implementation
dk.schoubo.solver.backtracking General Backtracker implementation
dk.schoubo.sort Polyphase sequential sort implementation
dk.schoubo.stat Various statistical routines, including non-parametric tests
dk.schoubo.structures Balanced tree implementation, including multidimensional geometric tree
dk.schoubo.surete Graphical backup utility
dk.schoubo.swing Java Swing utilties
dk.schoubo.units Pre-JSR 275 implementation of physical unit routines
dk.schoubo.util Various simple utilties
dk.schoubo.web Routines for web page access
edu.sunysb.cs The Stony Brook Algorithm Repository optimization algorithms from Discrete Optimization Algorithms with Pascal Programs translated to Java
org.gnu.distlib Statistical routines for distributions, converted from C
org.gnu.nr Complete library of mathematical routines translated from Numerical Recipes in Pascal