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About Jan Schoubo

I live in Stilling with my wife, Kirsten, and close to one of our daughters, son-in-law and grand child. Our other daughter is an actor, and lives in Copenhagen with her girlfriend.

We also share our house with two spoiled King Charles spaniels - the race descends from english court dogs, and they know that.

My hobbies include a model train (not mounted), a stamp collection (mounted), astronomy and nuclear physics (both on a theoretical level), a collection of slide rules and other mathematical instruments (both on a more practical level) and experiments with digital circuits (very practical). I also like to travel, DIY on the house and last -- but certainly not least -- to program.

I read a lot, mostly in english, german and - occasionally - french.

Kirsten and I took the extended drivers course for trailers (B-BE), when we got our first caravan in 2007.

I don't smoke, don't drink alcohol except on festive occasions, never dring coffee or tea, never watch football. Don't I have any small, daily pleasures? Sure, I am seriously addicted to Pepsi Max.

I joined Mensa when I realized I was qualified.


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