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IT Detective

A lot of IT analysis work reminds me of investigative work: Documentation or key persosns can be missing, information can be misleading or things just dont add up.

Analysis must be based on a broad background knowledge and well-structured mindset, to allow you to recognize patterns and fit them in a larger perspective.

These are some of my key skills.

Devil #2: Overgrown Junglepaths

Problem: Your are stuck with strange systems, interconnected haphazardly, and you have forgotten how and why.

Help: I find the way by examining and characterizing systems that are suffering or are abandoned

Result: You gain an overview and a solid basis for future decisions.


Devil #3: Friend or Foe?

Problem: You feel let down by vendors, who should help with your problems, but lets you down when the going gets rough.

Help: I knock some sense into the vendors by taking active charge in connection with support-cases or evaluation of bid responses.

Result: You have better time for your daily tasks by letting me handle the extraordinary ones.


Devil #6: A Gigantic Maze

Problem: You want to bid on a complex project, or you want to get bids for a project of your own, but lack deep technical knowledge and sharpness in the process.

Help: I solve the puzzle, and help with construction or answer to bids

Result: You get the full picture, and control of the technical questions and answers, and guarantee of correctness.