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IT Architect

The IT architect must be constructively creative without loosing his head in the clouds. It has to do with creating a solution that is usable and can be realized, and that implies that a plan on how to get there, is an essential responsibility of the architect.

Over the years I have created a number of systems, that have often been in use for extended time periods, precisely because they were solid, useful and practical.

Devil #1: A Yoke of Old Burdens

Problem: You should be spending time on new developments, but are stuck in expensive maintenance and acute fixes of obsolete systems.

Help: I lift your yoke of planning, developing and executing automatic or semi-automatic migration

Result: You enter a more modern world, where your efforts can be spent on new developments, not maintenance.


Devil #6: A Gigantic Maze

Problem: You want to bid on a complex project, or you want to get bids for a project of your own, but lack deep technical knowledge and sharpness in the process.

Help: I solve the puzzle, and help with construction or answer to bids

Result: You get the full picture, and control of the technical questions and answers, and guarantee of correctness.