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Devil #3: Controlling Vendors

Where is the pain?

  • Do you have an acute or cronic problem, that your vendor refuses to handle diligently?
  • Do you have a proprietary system, where your vendor squeezes the license- and maintenance-fee lemon harder every year?

It is in need you know your true friends. But sometimes a vendor lacks the understanding of - or the means to - handle your crisis with sufficient puissance. In those situations I can help. I can keep a level head, while analyzing and describing a complex situation, state the problems clearly and precisely, and I can advise you based on my knowledge of the vendors point of view.

Typical tasks could be:
  • help control vendors in connection with acute or cronic problems
  • analyze and evaluate systems abandoned by vendors or developers

Selected references

  • coordinating effort to solve a situation where a percieved severe lack in functionality affected the vendor, the customer and a number of system integrators and commercial partners